The Silent Song

Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop



While we appreciate many aspects of our professional and personal lives, we often feel overwhelmed, distracted, and stressed by a myriad of tasks, messages, expectations, thoughts, and emotions that arise from our daily lives. We are busy often to feel lost wondering how the past hour, week, or year has slipped away without our awareness.


Mindfulness and meditation are effective, time-tested tools we can learn and utilize to reconnect with our innate joy, tranquility, focus, and awareness. We can benefit from them in many ways such as cultivating creativity, managing stress, increasing productivity, and nurturing kindness toward others as well as ourselves. The more mindful we become, the more frequently and clearly we’ll experience happiness, gratitude, and internal adequacy—without having to chase materials, applauses, or any other forms of external validation.


About Instructor

Jayeon Kim is a design lead and a mindfulness instructor at Google.


With her passion to make wellbeing more accessible, Jayeon teaches mindfulness, meditation, and yoga (RYT® 200) at conferences, companies, and non-profit organizations internationally. To deepen her practice, Jayeon practices meditation for an hour each day, and attends ten-day silent meditation retreats regularly. She provides 1:1 counseling and therapy through the Liberation Institute in San Francisco, and studies counseling psychology in a master’s program at California Institute of Integral Studies in hopes of expanding her offering further.


“Jayeon’s humor, warmth, and genuine enthusiasm made the workshop fun, approachable, and impactful.”


"I apply the techniques I learned from Jayeon when stresses crop up in my work or personal life. They have been extremely beneficial to my wellbeing."


"With her calm, warm demeanor, Jayeon facilitated an excellent and open session for everyone in the room—it felt like a very safe place to practice."


Workshop Details

This workshop originates from Google's employee wellbeing program, Fundamentals of Mindfulness. In the workshop, you'll be gently guided to practice various mindfulness and meditation techniques. The techniques include walking, breathing, writing, conversation, and sensory-awareness meditations. You’ll leave the workshop with concrete ideas on how and when to apply the techniques in your daily life, and inspirations to establish your own mindfulness and meditation routines.


  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours

  • Space: Quiet indoor space—ideally with natural light

  • Giving back: 100% of profits will be donated to a cause of participants' choice with a partial match by Google

  • Group size: Under 60 people

  • No previous experience is required to attend


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